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Tweezers - Dumont

Among the wide selection of tweezers offered are those manufactured by Dumont® in Switzerland. This well-established company manufactures tweezers of the very highest quality. In order to assist in the selection of suitable tweezers for any particular application, we have included detailed information about the materials used and the tip profile and dimensions.

We offer three grades of tweezers:

  • High precision grade is suitable for most laboratory and fine engineering use.
  • Biology grade has the thinnest tips, and is used for the most demanding laboratory applications including microscopic work.
  • Electronic grade offers high quality for electronics and general purpose use. Most of the electronic grade tweezers are coated with a coloured epoxy resin, which is insulating, shock resistant and provides better grip.


A useful range of grippers for holding 12.7mm and 25mm diameter SEM pin stubs and 12mm and 15mm AFM discs.

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