SEM Specimen Stages

Murano and Microtest In-Situ Stages

Murano and Microtest In-Situ Stages

A range of heating and tensile stages specifically designed to enable your in-situ research. 


In-situ heating and tensile testing stages allow dynamic microstructural observations and can provide new insights into materials research.

  • Modules are specially engineered for the scanning electron microscope (SEM) environment
  • Custom designs allow quick fitting and removal from SEM stages so normal SEM use can be resumed quickly
  • Designed to be compatible with geometrical requirements of different detectors including electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) for dynamic observations

Heating stage modules

  • Murano stage available for heating to 950 °C for EBSD applications and secondary electron detector (SED) imaging
  • Study real-time crystallization and phase transformations at elevated temperatures up to 950 °C 
  • Proprietary design enables offline specimen mounting and storage
  • Bulk specimen support designed specifically to operate within EBSD/focused ion beam (FIB)/SED geometry constraints
  • Water cooling and heat protective shielding ensure maximum protection at elevated temperatures
  • Additional bias control to assist with imaging at elevated temperatures

Microtest tensile stages

  • Allows dynamic testing experiments in the SEM
  • Provides a deeper understanding into what causes the deformation; and the ability to image where the microstructure change is occurring
  • Tensile, compression and bending tests available
  • Options for different load cells with load ranges from 2 N up to 5000 N to provide greater resolution for a wider range of specimens
  • Easy to use software interface provides live graphing of quantitative data together with flexible thresholding for more complex experiments, including cyclical loading 
  • Unique MTVideo option allows synchronized image and data acquisition providing detailed post experiment analysis of the sample deformation and corresponding captured SED images
  • Option for complete replacement X,Y,Z stage door for SEM provides greater flexibility for heavier stages
Cooling Stages

Cooling Stages

Helium and liquid nitrogen stages to monitor cryogenic or temperature dependent studies to better understand your electrical and electronic materials. 


  • Beam sensitive materials are stabilized under high beam currents
  • Low temperature phases can be studied
  • Enhanced imaging and spectroscopy, especially for cathodoluminescence (CL)

Liquid nitrogen cooling stages C1001, C1002, C1003

  • Simple installation/removal allows use of standard SEM stage
  • Stages cooled to less than -185 °C by nitrogen gas
  • Efficient thermal design ensures rapid cool down and stable temperatures
  • Accurate control through integral heater and temperature sensor
  • External liquid nitrogen heat exchanger removes vibration due to boiling of LN2
  • Higher upper temperature options for more flexibility in experiments

Liquid helium cooling stages CF302, CF302M

  • Specially designed low drift and vibration, while minimizing liquid helium consumption
  • Complete replacement SEM stage and door assembly with X, Y, Z axis manual micrometers
  • Faster sample exchange through compatibility with C1010 airlock loading system from Gatan
  • CF302M is a helium-cooled stage module that attaches onto SEM goniometer, and requires more care than the CF302
  • Complete system includes flexible transfer tube storage vessel, top fitting with bladder and valve, gas flow controller, gas flow pump, and digital temperature controller
  • Optional radiation shield can be included depending on intended use and configuration 

Dual fuel option

  • Allows liquid helium cold stages to be operated with either helium or nitrogen
  • Functions by forcing cold nitrogen gas through the circuit similar to successful C1002 product 


  • Accessories include C1005, C1006, or C1007 anti-contaminators

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